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[COVID-19] COVID-19 Special Bursary Grant for GUGC Students
20/06/02 18:10 | Student Services Division | View 6779 | Comments 0

COVID-19 Special Bursary Grant


Ghent University Global Campus provides a special grant for students who have run into a financial difficulty because of COVID-19 crisis.


Chart below is the information on COVID-19 special bursary grant and its details:


I. Support Information

Scholarship Value

Recipient Details

Number of Recipients


(2,500,000 per semester)

Any student in need

From BA1, BA2, BA3 and BA4



II. Eligibility : Students who have enrolled Spring 2020 and will be continuing their studies during the Academic Year of 2020-2021.


III. Application Process

Duration of Application

June 22nd - August 7th

Application Deadline

August 7th

Recipient Announcement

September 11th

Announcement Method


Required Documents

See application form

Required Documents Deadline

September 4th

Application Form

See attached file


Student Services Division











** Please remember the following:

  1. A soft copy including documents if necessary MUST be submitted according to the deadline.

  2. The original hard copy including documents if necessary MUST be handed in to the Student Services Division Office by September 4th. (Gh 419)


IV. Attached Files are as follows:

  1. Policy for COVID-19 Special Bursary Grant

  2. Application form for COVID-19 Special Bursary Grant


V. Enquiry

  For any inquiry regarding COVID-19 Special Bursary Grant, please contact GUGC Student Services Division: studentservices@ghent.ac.kr / 032-626-4003