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Career Development Programs

Student Groups & Organizations

  About the program Period
Internship programs
You can explore a career in your area of interest to gain exposure to the professional work environment and to develop professional skills. Internships also provide you with the opportunity to network and socialize with professionals within the industry, which is an invaluable asset to the future of your career. Varied according to program types and circumstances
Intensive Research Training Programs
The Intensive Research Training Program is designed to offer students an intensive introduction to the scientific research process. Under a professor's supervision, students can experience working on research projects by participating in lab experiments in the GUGC Research centers. 2 times in a year
During the summer and winter recesses
'Career Build-up'
  Career Workshops with professionals in technology fields
In this program, professionals from various fields are invited on campus to speak about their work experiences. Students then have the opportunity to ask questions they may have about those industries.

  Activities during these workshops include:
  1. Company introduction seminar
  2. Student self-reflection
  3. Job market trend analysis to plan for the future
Varied according to program types and circumstances
(approx. 5 times a year)
‘Career Tour’
  Internship Seminar Programs with facility tour
This program gives GUGC students the opportunity to visit companies that offer internships. This tour can promote better understanding of the facility and program to better prepare for internships.  Varied according to program types and circumstances
'Career Catch-up'
Developing the Employability competency programs
This program is a series of on-going workshops that are geared to develop skills such as CV writing, job searching, and interview preparation, following the latest recruiting trends, preparing for job aptitude test, etc. Varied according to program types and circumstances (approx. 3-4 times in a year)
Individual Career Counseling & Proofreading Service Students have access to career guidance services so that they can make an informed decision about their career paths. This service also helps students prepare a professional resume/cover letter and practice with mock interviews. The service is available by request
(Contact: koeun.park@ghent.ac.kr)
Career Fair The Career Fair is an excellent channel for students to meet recruiters and receive sound career advice in an informal setting. It also gives students an opportunity to learn more about future career options within a variety of companies.

  Career counseling is available during the career fair as well as company recruitment information sessions and a CV writing support service.
Once a year
‘Career-expanding Programs’
Volunteer & Contests
(On and Off-campus)
Students will be informed of various opportunities such as volunteer programs and contests where they can expand their scientific knowledge and discover new abilities and interests. These opportunities can help students help others, meet new people, and make a difference in the community. Varied according to program types and circumstances