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Ghent University Global Campus (GUGC) has an in-house mediation service that offers an informal and confidential way to resolve problems and complaints.

Each academic year two professors are recommended by the student representatives and selected in the Campus Council Meeting to serve a one-year term as ombudspersons.

The ombudsperson deals with complaints regarding the implementation of the Education and Examination Code and/or situations concerning educational or examination activities that are perceived to be unfair.

GUGC students can contact the ombudspersons with the following issues and concerns:
  • Problems and complaints related to courses (e.g., class, practical, syllabus) and exams
  • Independent mediation in case of a dispute with a professor or assistant
  • Advice for illness or an accident of personal and family problems that affect student’s studies
  • The rights and obligations as a student
  • Concern on certain situations

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