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Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

Each bachelor’s programme at Ghent University Global Campus consists of 240 ECTS, which can be completed within four years of study (i.e., typically 60 ECTS credits per / academic year).
The diploma is awarded when the student has successfully passed all academic years of the study programme. This includes passing the general examinations for all courses, and successfully presenting the bachelor’s thesis.

The requirements to pass a course are listed in the individual course sheets. The assessment can be periodic (written or oral exam) and/or non-periodic (participation, assignment, individual or group work).

Grading and Credit System

Ghent University uses a grading system of 0-20, with intervals of 1 point. No half points are used. 10 to 20 are the passing marks, 0 to 9 are failing marks. Grades higher than 18 out of 20 are rather exceptional. For every course unit with a pass mark (10/20 or higher), students obtain the corresponding credits (ECTS) and a credit certificate with unlimited validity at Ghent University for the particular course unit.

Grade of Merit

Students who successfully pass a Bachelor’s programme can be awarded a grade of merit by the Examination Board.
In calculating the grade of merit, the examination marks and weighting coefficients for all course units are factored in and result in a score out of 1000.

The grade of merit is expressed as follows:
  • Summa cum laude (at least 825 out of 1000)
  • Magna cum laude (at least 750 out of 1000)
  • Cum laude (at least 675 out of 1000)