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Centre for Food Chemistry and Technology


  • Prof. dr. ing Sam Van Haute
  • Prof. dr. Tanja Cirkovic Velickovic
  • Dr. Jisun Lee
  • Dr. Amin Nikkhah
  • Dr. Madhav Neupane
  • Urmila Khulal
  • Maria Krishna De Guzman
  • Derick Malavi
  • Kimberly Gongora


The mission of the Centre for Food Chemistry and Technology is to contribute to the research fields of Food Technology, Food Chemistry, and Food Microbiology.
Research topics include: i) microplastics in food, ii) allergens in food, iii) food proteins, iv) insect-based foods, v) non-destructive analysis of foods for detecting food fraud and food authenticity, vi) life cycle analysis of food production processes, vii) antimicrobial strategies for fruit and vegetables, viii) food digestion.
The members of the Centre for Food Chemistry and Technology contribute to theoretical and practical courses at GUGC. The Centre also prepares students (BA/MA/PhD) for their careers in food science, both in academia, R&D, and food production.


The Centre for Food Chemistry and Technology provides education for undergraduate students in the BSc programmes of Environmental Technology, Food Technology and Molecular Biotechnology:
  • Introduction to Biochemistry: Biomolecules (Ba1)
  • Introduction to Food Science (Ba2)
  • Chemical Analytical Methods (Ba2)
  • Food Chemistry (Ba3-BSc in Food Technology)
  • Food Technology (Ba3-BSc in Food Technology)
  • Technology of Non-Animal Products (Ba3-BSc in Food Technology)