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Study Programmes

Ghent University Global Campus offers three 4-year Bachelor's programs. The granted degrees are Ghent University degrees. All programs are accredited both in Flanders and Korea.

The courses in the first two years are the same for all three programmes, the basic and biodata science (chemistry, biology, physics, mathematics, and informatics), Academic English, and Teaser courses for each study programme. It is followed by two specialization years in one of the study programmes.

Environmental Technology

The Environmental Technology program studies the processes in water, air and soil, and the influence of human activities on these processes. You acquire the technical knowledge to recognize and prevent environmental risks and to find solutions to specific problems. After completing this program, a broad range of career options will be open to you: research and development in research institutions and (international) companies, policy-making positions in local, regional, and national governments, technological and management positions in small and medium-sized businesses, and foreign companies, conducting studies at consultancies, and many other leadership positions.

Career Fields : Graduate school, Research & Development, Environmental engineering, Environmental management, Environmental consultation, Environmental education

Food Technology

The Food Technology program teaches you everything about the chemical and physicochemical, microbiological, nutritional, and technological aspects of foods. You study the processes that occur in raw materials and during the production process, the preservation and the preparation of foods. You learn how the quality of foods can influence consumer health and how you can control the safety and quality of foods. After your program, you will be able to solve problems anywhere in the food chain, and you will be able to work in the food industry, the pharmaceutical and biomedical sector, or in government or research institutions, for example.

Career Fields : Graduate school, Research & Development, Food safety & Inspection, Sales & Marketing, Quality assurance management, Procurement & Purchasing management

Molecular Biotechnology

The Molecular Biotechnology program gives students the scientific background and skills concerning living organisms and command of engineering techniques combined with aspects of economics and business management. You will be able to contribute to the elucidation of disease mechanisms and translate knowledge to engineering approaches in which living cells or organisms are used for the production of fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, or biofuels. You will be able to develop new bio-molecular products and production processes and control and manage their quality. The program also offers excellent preparation for students to proceed to an MSc in this research field.

Career Fields : Graduate school, Research & Development, Sales & Marketing, Quality assurance management, Education, Pharmaceutical & Medical professionals