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Pre-College Programme

Pre-College is a induction program for all newly enrolled students at Ghent University Global Campus (GUGC).
The program runs twice per academic year with a different concept in August and February and free of charge for students who have enrolled.

The Pre-College Programme will help first-year students to build a strong foundation before the academic year begins. Students can get their first academic year off to an excellent start and build the academic confidence to succeed.

The Pre-College Programme can
  • Facilitate the transition from high school to university
  • Lift the students to a higher level of study
  • Teach (new) academic skills and practice through specific content and specific training sessions
  • Prepare students for studying in the new environment

Lectures and hands-on sessions of Pre-College are provided by flying faculty from Ghent University home campus in August.

The Program in February is designed to focus on training and info sessions to set student’s study guide, study planning, and preparation for possible obstacles. The program of each term includes not only academic info sessions but also general sessions that offer new students interactions with both their peer and senior students, to help them adapt to the new study environment at GUGC.

* All of the Pre-College courses are non-credit courses.