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Notice for Enrolled Students

[COVID-19] COVID-19 Special Bursary Grant
20/06/02 18:10 | 학생지원팀 | View 5420 | Comments 0

Dear GUGC Students,

Greetings, this is Student Services at GUGC.

We are sending you this message on behalf of the GUGC management.

As we have mentioned in our earlier e-mail from May 21st, GUGC management have decided to provide a special grant for those students who have run into a financial difficulty because of COVID-19 crisis.

Students applying for the specific grant must be enrolled currently (Spring 2020) and during the Academic Year of 2020-2021.

You may see the attached file for more information and application forms. These also will be uploaded on homepage as well.

Should you have any questions regarding the COVID-19 Support Grant, please do not hesitate to contact Student Services.



Student Services Division