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[COVID-19] Social Distancing Level 2
20/11/23 15:05 | Student Services | View 10034 | Comments 0


The Korean government has raised the social distancing level in greater Seoul area to 2. The new social distancing level will go into effect on Tuesday, November 24.




  • For state-run and public facilities, number of users is limited to 30 percent of maximum capacity.
  • For sports events, number of spectators is limited to 10 percent of maximum capacity.
  • For religious activities and services, no more than 20 percent of seats can be occupied, and no eating is allowed.
  • Mask is required at events and gatherings such as weddings and celebrations, and number of attendants is limited to fewer than 100.


For students with fever or respiratory symptoms:

  • If high fever persists or worsens above 38 degrees and/or respiratory symptoms (cough, sore throat, difficulty in breathing, etc), please avoid going to a medical clinic. Instead, please report to the Korea Center for Disease Control & Prevention (KCDC) by calling 1339 (24 hours operation offering English Services). And inform GUGC Student Services Division (studentservices@ghent.ac.kr) or GUGC General Affairs (donghee.kim@ghent.ac.kr).