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Editorial by GUGC President_Vol 1
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As President of the Ghent University Global Campus (GUGC) it gives me great pleasure to wish the readers of the first issue of our Newsletter an enriching and fulfilling year of 2016.



The two objectives of the GUGC established in 2014 is to foster education by bringing three of the top programs at Ghent University (Belgium) - Molecular Biotechnology, Environmental Technology and Food Technology - to South Korea and to initiate research in close collaboration with Korean Universities and Industry.


The first of our GUGC Newsletter will introduce the recently released new slogan, “Aim Higher!” With this slogan, GUGC wants to challenge itself and students to have bigger ambitions to help make a difference in the world. Secondly, one of our five Research Centres, i.e. the Centre for Biotech Data Science, will be introduced by interviewing Mijung Kim, a PhD student, about her research at the Centre. Moreover, GUGC ranked 49th in the most recent Global Employability University Ranking.

This survey asks recruiters from 21 major countries to select which institutions they think produce the best recruits, and Ghent University scored well for the fifth time. Finally, an account will be given on the visit in December 2015 of the CEO of VIB, a leading life sciences research institute in Flanders, Belgium with more than 1470 scientists from over 60 countries.


For 2016 a major event of the GUGC will be our move early in the year to a new 10 floor building with up to date research infrastructure and facilities. In our 3rd Academic Year, we aim for more Korean & international students and increased research collaboration with the top Korean Universities. Finally, our recruitment team will do their best to increase the publicity of our university’s slogan “Aim Higher!” and emphsize our great programs.