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Career Build-up Spring 2022 IGC Career Event: TikTok Employment Information Session
22/04/15 13:57 | 겐트대 Career

GUGC Career Development cordially invites all GUGC students to the Spring 2022 IGC Career Event: TikTok Employment Information Session.
It is imperial to explore diverse companies before finding ones that match your interests and potential.
Hence, if you feel reluctant to register due to “seem-to-be low relevance” to your academic background, please do not miss the exclusive chance to
listen to diverse positions and culture from actual HR directors from TikTok.

  • Date : 13th April (WED)
  • Time : 1:00pm – 1:50pm
  • Target Audience :
    • ALL GUGC students (BA1-BA4) who want to apply academic knowledge (MBT/FT/ET) to digital marketing practice
    • ALL GUGC students (BA1-BA4) who seek global careers in the social media platform
  • Venue : Zoom (100% online_Zoom link will be provided upon registration)
  • Registration :  RSVP  link /  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1QrUlhMRoPq6QFMuqBCZNoWMGx1FgFQWJay5AMCrzHzU/closedform
Date : 2022.04.13
Venue : Zoom
Application period : till 2022.04.12 23:59pm
RSVP link :