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Student Services

[COVID-19] COVID-19 Special Bursary Grant

조회 : 303 학생지원팀

Dear GUGC Students,

Greetings, this is Student Services at GUGC.

We are sending you this message on behalf of the GUGC management.

As we have mentioned in our earlier e-mail from May 21st, GUGC management have decided to provide a special grant for those students who have run into a financial difficulty because of COVID-19 crisis.

Students applying for the specific grant must be enrolled currently (Spring 2020) and during the Academic Year of 2020-2021.

You may see the attached file for more information and application forms. These also will be uploaded on homepage as well.

Should you have any questions regarding the COVID-19 Support Grant, please do not hesitate to contact Student Services.



Student Services Division