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[Notice] IGC Dormitory Summer Stay / IGC Dormitory Spring 2020 Check-out / JEI Dormitory Fall 2020 Application
20/06/16 18:09 | Student Services Division | View 4759 | Comments 0

    Student Announcement    


1) IGC Dormitory Summer Stay

- Application period: June 15th (Mon) – 17th(Wed)

- The application for summer stay at IGC Housing is currently going on and is open to all students currently enrolled at GUGC. Detailed information and schedule through the link below and please read them thoroughly.

- Note: 1) if you didn’t live in the IGC Dormitory for Spring 2020 you must submit your TB test result(issued after April 1st, 2020)

            2) if you need to cancel your application for any reason, the last day to do so is June 25th. Contact Student Services ASAP

- https://housing.igc.or.kr/board/view.do?code=notice&currentPage=1&pagePerBlock=10&maxRows=10&sq=243&cat=&srchKey=All&srchValue=


2) IGC Dormitory Check-out schedule for Spring 2020

- The current check-out notice announced by IGC Housing office only applies to SUNY, GMUK, UAC students at the moment. Please look out for a separate check-out announcement for GUGC students according to our academic calendar. The check-out period will be towards the end of exam period.


3) JEI Dormitory application period for Fall 2020

- Application period: June 17th(Wed) – June 24th(Wed)

- Application announcement: June 17th(Wed) 18:00

- Note: 1) Available spots: Male: 24 / Female: 45

     2) TB test result required: issued after June 1st, 2020

     3) Allocation will be done in first come first served basis + submission of all required documents

     4) Students who lived at JEI Dormitory during Spring 2020 and received more than 8 penalty points are ineligible to apply