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[Job Vacancy] Research and Teaching Assistant (PhD candidates in Mathematical Biology)
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Research and Teaching Assistant (PhD candidates in Mathematical Biology) 

Ghent University Global Campus

Ghent University Global Campus (GUGC) is an integrated campus of Ghent University, Belgium, and the first European university to be part of the Incheon Global Campus (IGC) in Incheon, South Korea. Ghent University Global Campus currently offers Bachelor of Science programs in Molecular Biotechnology, Environmental Technology, and Food Technology. Ghent University is one of the top 100 universities in the world (ARWU 62nd), and in the Life Sciences subjects taught at GUGC, Ghent University ranks even higher. Please visit the Ghent University Global Campus homepages to learn more about our organization: http://www.ghent.ac.kr.
Center for Biosystems and Biotech Data Science

The Centre for Biosystems and Biotech Data Science is one of the five research centers at GUGC. It pursues the development of new mathematical and computational approaches for analyzing biosystems and for extracting knowledge from huge sets of biotech data. The biosystems that are studied in this center include biochemical reaction networks and ecological systems. Some of the key projects that are actively pursued include modelling, model reduction, parameter estimation and stability analysis of biochemical reaction networks and modelling and analysis of metapopulation and ecological competition networks. The research center is also involved in teaching undergraduate courses of mathematics, (bio)informatics, probability & statistics and process modelling and control.

Job summary

Full-Time Research and Teaching Assistant (PhD candidate in Mathematical Biology) – Ghent University Global Campus
  • Department: Center for Biosystems & Biotech Data Science
  • Degree: Master degree in one of the following: mathematics, systems and control, electrical/electronics/mechanical/chemical engineering.
  • Contract: 1-year contract, renewable (max. 6 years)
  • Occupancy rate: 100%
  • Vacancy Type: Assistant Academic Staff
  • Last application date: 31 May, 2023 (Applicants are encouraged to apply immediately as the position will be filled upon finding the right candidate)
  • Starting date: 28 August 2023 (negotiable)

Job Position

Ghent University Global Campus, South Korea, has two vacancies for Research and Teaching Assistants (PhD candidates) in the area of mathematical biology, starting from 28 August, 2023 (open to negotiation). It concerns two 1-year full-time positions that are renewable three times based on favourable evaluation, for a maximum period of 6 years. The candidates will work under the supervision of Prof. Shodhan Rao at the Center for Biosystems and Biotech Data Science of the Ghent University Global campus in Korea. In addition, they will also be assigned a co-promoter. The candidates will be able to visit the home campus in Ghent once in every two years during their PhD studies. In addition to the regular monthly salary, free housing within the campus and a yearly travel budget will be provided to the successful candidates in case they do not have  Korean nationality. Ghent University Global Campus is an equal opportunities employer.
As teaching assistants, the PhD candidates are supposed to spend 50% of their time in teaching activities pertaining to undergraduate mathematics courses that include the topics calculus, analytical geometry, linear algebra, differential equations and also the course “Process Modelling and Control”. These activities include supervision of exercise/tutorial sessions, preparing and grading tests/exams and the supervision of bachelor projects.
Apart from teaching activities, the PhD candidates are supposed to perform research in the area of mathematical biology, specifically either in the area of modelling, model reduction and parameter estimation of biochemical reaction networks or in the area of stability analysis of epidemiological models. In this regard, the candidates are expected to complete a doctoral research proposal containing a literature review, a set of research objectives and research plan within the first six months of joining. This research proposal will need to be approved by the GUGC Campus Council in order to ensure renewal of their first contract with GUGC.

Job Description
  • Assist his/her supervisors in teaching undergraduate courses at Ghent University Global Campus, Korea (Mathematics 2, 3, Process Modelling and Control).
  • Conduct research in the interdisciplinary field of mathematical biology with particular focus on either modelling, model reduction and parameter estimation of biochemical reaction networks or stability analysis of epidemiological models.
  • Assist his/her supervisors with tasks in ongoing and future R&D projects.
  • Present research results at conferences and publish in peer reviewed international journals.
Profile of the Candidate
  • Hold by August 2023, a master degree in one of the following disciplines: (applied) mathematics, systems & control, mechanical/ electrical /electronics /chemical engineering. Exceptional candidates from other engineering/science backgrounds will also be considered.
  • Should have had a rigorous undergraduate training and in general a strong background in mathematics.
  • Be highly motivated to conduct research in the area of applied mathematics, specifically in the area of mathematical biology.
  • Have an excellent academic track record, an excellent command of English and good academic writing and presentation skills.
  • Knowledge of biology or chemistry at undergraduate level is preferable although not mandatory.

Application Documents
  • Motivation letter
  • Full resume(CV), including at least 2 references
  • Copy of the Bachelors and Master degree certificates
  • Transcripts (overview of study results)
All required documents must be submitted in English.
The documents must be merged in to a single PDF file
and sent to shodhan.rao@ghent.ac.kr (subject line: Full-time PhD Position in Mathematical Biology).

Application Process and Interview
  • Interviews will take place in stages from the first available time, possibly via Microsoft Teams.
  • Applicants are encouraged to apply immediately as the position will be filled upon finding the right candidate
We reserve the right to hold applications on file for potential future job openings.
Selection Process

CV Screening -> Interview -> Internal committee -> Approval -> Acceptance notice to the selected candidate.

Compensation & Benefits for the Selected Candidate
  • Basic terms of the contract - 1-year contract (renewable three times, after positive evaluation, for a total period of maximum 6 years)
  • Salary - Starts from an Annual Base Salary of 27,375,000 KRW (Monthly Salary of 2,281,250 KRW, Gross)
  • Bonuses - Two additional bonuses in June (92% of monthly salary) and December (100% of monthly salary)
  • Housing Unit or Housing Allowance - A single dormitory unit operated by Incheon Global Campus (IGC) will be provided for non-Koreans.
  • Two Roundtrip Tickets to Hometown (for non-Koreans only) - The selected candidate of non-Korean nationality will be provided, on a yearly basis, with two roundtrip tickets to their hometown (up to 4,000,000 KRW)
  • Severance  - Severance shall be paid when the contract ends and if the candidate worked for more than one year
  • Private Health Insurance -Marsh private health insurance is provided, including basic medical reimbursements
  • Extensive Annual Paid Leave and Holidays
            - The selected candidate shall have 35 days of paid annual leave per year
            - Additional holidays: from Christmas (Dec 25) to New Year (Jan 1)