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[코리아타임즈] 겐트대 글로벌캠퍼스 2학년 오건학 학생 인터뷰 기사
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겐트대 글로벌캠퍼스에 재학 중인 오건학 학생 인터뷰 기사가 코리아 타임즈에 오늘자로 실렸습니다. 겐트대 글로벌퍼스에 온 것은 수많은 선택 중 가장 좋은 선택이었다고 생각한다고 합니다. 오건학군은 중앙아시아에서 6년 이상 살다와 국제학교를 졸업한 글로벌 인재로 우수한 성적으로 겐트대 글로벌캠퍼스에 재학 중에 있으며, 현재 근로장학생으로 근무하고 있습니다. 자세한 내용은 아래 기사 참고하시기 바랍니다.


Ghent University focuses on value of life

By Oh Gun-hak

Over the years, I have faced choices that would determine my future. Some came a few times, giving me a chance to reconsider my decisions, while others forked in directions that would I never meet again.

Deciding to go to Ghent University was one of those choices that indelibly marked my future.

To be honest, I once questioned myself over whether applying to Ghent was the right decision and feared that I had set foot on a path that had no turning back. However, as I spent more time there, I realized that going to Ghent University was one of the best decisions I had ever made.

When the time came to start considering which university to go, I was torn.

Having attended an international school, I certainly preferred English over Korean and found Western culture more comfortable. Yet, there was part of me that wanted to go to a Korean university, which could give more clarification to my identity.

However, for some reason, I was irresistibly drawn to Ghent University.

Ghent University Global Campus (GUGC) is a Belgian university that resides in Incheon Global Campus in Korea, along with other universities such as George Mason, Stony Brooks, and Utah University.

Unlike the main campus in Belgium, all of the curricula on the global campus are offered in English. Upon discovering this, I knew right away that this was an opportunity that I could not miss.

When I applied to the GUGC, the admissions office warned me about the rigorous science programs. At that time, I was suspicious about the “rigorous” curricula. Had I heeded those words, I might have at least been prepared for the all-nighters. Every day, classes started at 8 a.m., and ended at around 5 p.m. with a short lunch time in the middle. After dinner, I would meet my friends to review what was covered in class.

Life in college was so different from what I thought it would be like. I doubted myself and was sure that I would not make it through. Fortunately, I found my first year not only meaningful, but also enjoyable thanks to my professors.

In Ghent University, professors have great passion for both science and their students. Subjects that I once thought were boring and incomprehensible became my favorites as my professors revealed the beauty of each subject.

One aspect of Ghent University that enticed me was its vision: “Life on earth is humanity’s most precious resource and should be managed responsibly.” I unequivocally agree.

Even at a young age, I had such a mindset, which would manifest even in small matters such as not killing insects. But, that developed into more sophisticated concerns about harm inflicted on the environment by human beings, such as the irresponsible use of technology or negligence toward the endangerment of some species. I’ve always felt the urgency of this crisis.

Sometimes it was so difficult that I’d try to convince those around me. An eye roll and a playful tease was usually what I got. I don’t blame them, because I must have sounded like a deranged lunatic. Yet, when I heard about Ghent University, I saw it as an opportunity to make a difference in the world by preserving and improving the most valuable resource that humanity had received.

As hinted earlier, Ghent University has an intensive curriculum. It is definitely an excellent academic environment that prepares young students for the path they have set foot on.

Though it demands hard work and persistence, life in Ghent University became delightful, especially because of the supporting professors. As for me, I am certain that the knowledge and the passion this university has been imparting on me will make me an outstanding environmental scientist. I still see a long path before me, but what motivates me is the desire, nurtured by Ghent University, to preserve what was entrusted to humankind, and perhaps even to turn our attention to something much greater than us.

The writer is a sophomore at Ghent University Global Campus in Songdo, Incheon.